Data updated as of 31 May 2023

Only FOR IMPLEMENTATION applications available will appear here.
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  • For those who filed at BI Subport Offices, proceed to appropriate BI Subport Offices where visa was approved.
  • Those who arrived after the agenda date shall be required to apply for Revalidation of Visa. Revalidation shall be filed within fifteen(15) days from the date of arrival in the country. Failure to apply within period provided shall be a ground for denial.
  • For those who have visas that are not fully implemented, as noted below their implementation stamp, should apply for re-stamping.
  • Approved visa must be implemented within two(2) months from the date of agenda. Non-implementation within said period shall mean abandonment of the petition and implementation of the same shall be denied.
  • Applicants for conversion must ensure that their tourist visas are updated up to date of approved agenda. Non-compliance therewith shall result to non-implementation of the visa.

If application appear (For Implementation)

Please bring the following:

  1. Passport (At least 6 months valid).
  2. Updated Tourist Visa Extension (For conversion only, not extension).
  3. Special Power of Attorney (If a representative will apply, bring original copy and photocopy of of valid government issued ID of representative).

Release Schedules:

  • Applied by Subject - 2 days (Next Day)
  • Applied by Representative - 4 days